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We are now offering CNC Conversion Plans for the Sieg X3 Small Mill! We've retained manual functionality while allowing full CNC capabilities. Get the best of both worlds! Our plans include full photo installation guide, CAD drawings of all parts/assemblies, parts lists, and more. You can perform this conversion in one weekend. Click here for the X3 CNC Plans.

Be sure to also check out the < figNoggle Designs' workshop, where we've posted pictures and articles about the X3 conversion, fixturing plate, ballscrew conversion (with anti-backlash nuts - a home-brew design), and more...

Some people have been converting their mills to CNC operation. One example is the figNoggle Designs' CNC Conversion Plans for the Sieg X2. They plan on doing the same with the Super X3. Why the Super X3 and not the X3? It can be done on either, but the Super X3 has a few extra nice features:

  • Tapping function
  • Spindle readout
  • Quill DRO display
  • (Optional) extended table and column if purchased directly from Sieg in Shanghai, China.

There is less than a handful of individuals who have already performed a CNC conversion on the X3 and have written about it. (If you would like your website linked here, just send us an email to s-up-erx3--@-@ sup---com---dotcom @-@ sup-erx3-dot-com - sorry to be so cryptic... - it's just like domainname@domainname.com)


This site is sponsored by figNoggle Designs. figNoggle Designs sells CNC Conversion Plans for the Sieg X2 Mini Mill (and more). Please visit their website at CNC Conversion Plans for the Sieg X2 Mini Mill

This site is NOT affiliated with Sieg Industries.

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