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Welcome to the SuperX3.com website. This website is an enthusiast's point of view of the Sieg Industries' Super X3 Mill and X3 Mill.

You may already be familiar with Sieg's line of home-shop bench-top style machines such as the X1 Micro-Mill, X2 Mini-Mill, X3 Small Mill and now the Super X3 Small Mill with the rotating and tapping head.


Where does this mill "fit" in the landscape of benchtop-style mills? We'll talk about dovetail column machines here. Dovetails prevent the Z-axis (up/down) from losing it's reference whereas a round-column type mill (like your common drill press sitting in your garage) easily loses its X-Y reference when you move the table up and down (ever notice that when your drilling a hole and you need to move your workpiece up and down to accommodate the changing drill bit sizes?).

Onto the "lay of the land": (but first, it needs to be said that all things being equal, size does matter in machinery - the heavier the machine, the sturdier it'll be equating to more mass it can remove.)

SIZE Micro Mill Mini Mill Small Mill Medium Mill
WEIGHT <100# >100# >300# >600#

As you can see, the X3 fits nicely in between the X2 and RF45 (Rong-Fu is a quality asian machine manufacturer located in Taiwan and is often cloned by machine manufacturers located in China). If there is enough space to run a RF45 or its clone(s), then for a few hundred dollars USD more than the X3, some might recommend it. However, for many who find the X2's work envelope just a bit too small for their kind of work and need a mill that's "just right" for their workspace, the X3 would certainly make a nice addition to the workshop.

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Sieg sells their products via various distributors around the world. Many of us are familiar with Harbor Freight, Grizzly, Travers, but there are many others:

North America
HarborFreight, USA
Grizzly, USA
LittleMachineShop, USA
Travers, Mexico

South America
Celmar, Brazil

SIEG South Africa, South Africa

AX Minster, Britain
Arc Euro Trade, Britain
Machine Mart, Britain
Proma, Czech
Numco, Czech
Scandivavia, Danmark
Knuth, Germany
Artec, Germany
Novara, Hungary
CAD-CAM BT., Hungary
Valex, Italy
AB-electronic, Spain
Luna, Sweden
JET, Switzerland

Toyoas, Japan
NT Rex, Korea
Peled Technical, Israel
Anary, Taiwan
Posh Enterprise, Thailand

Hafco, Australia
Carba-Tec, Australia


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